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Semi Hiatus!!!
Cherry's sketch blog. I like to draw things and spank the booty. Beware of gay hunks and random spawn of NSFW
✿info ✿babes ✖Drawings ✖NSFW ✖Doujinshi ★Shingeki no Kyojin ★Magi ★Durarara!!

I’ve been reading Tokyo Ghoul! and even if I’m just half way, I love this creep so much already 

Anonymous: i just wanted you to know that i just saw your latest art& loved it ofcourse, but then remembered all your bootiful nsfw art that i hadnt seen in awhile, & so i casually browsed through it & all the penises coz why not, forgetting that 'みっちりねこマーチ - MitchiriNeko March' playing. it was an experience *:・゚✧ ಥ⌣ಥ*:・゚✧


I CAN’T KSJANDJSAKSAL you sweet thing omg /HUGS

thank youuu for the nice message and god thank you you gave ME THE LAUGH AHHA <33333333

next time I finally draw smut again I’ll make sure you enjoy it! <3

Doodles of my lowbie spiritmaster and dumbassprincess pretty chanter


I had this sitting around on my doodle folder for a while. I saw this crazy cute cup of tea and decided to practice painting and stuffs with it!

Super sad coz I wouldn’t be able to participate in the Wall Erwin event

the size of the canvas is..

too big..

for me..

Anonymous: sooo your trade with Rika, the one where Levi is a schooly boy, is there an actual fic for it?? xx

I wish! but sadly there isn’t :c

Ohh but Rika drew these before I deluged into it!(´ω`♥)if you’re interested:  


A get-well-soon pic for Cherrymoya <3.

Also, I now have a twitter. It will be a very quiet twitter for sketches and unfinished stuff.

I think I screamed at you enough in every plataform of how much I adore you and well

I’M NOT DONE YET AKJSDNJKSA I’ll be forever thankful for this, omfg, cOZ ONE OF YOUR DRAWINGS…. FOR THIS TRASH…..IT’S EVEN NSFW….. I’D NEVER IMAGINE IT BEFORE I JUST…… holds heart in hands and drowns on a pool of happy tears

Thank you so so much Aile bb, you made a shitty ass weekend the happiest of the whole year (´;ω;`)

A little Smith (ノ*゜▽゜*)


Inspired by this adorable adorable fic ~

Huge thanks to Cherry for showing me it to me!

Anonymous: can you pleaseeee color that pin up of Judal??? I really like your coloring and I really like Judal as well <3333

iyaaaaa anon I don’t wanna do thaaaat (╯︵╰,) only divine forces can make me color my stuffs coz it’s rly not my forte

I miss that assbutt tho.. maybe I can draw him again someday <3

EDIT: AH I FORGOT I HAD THIS OLD THING, never posted it, but hell i look at it and think god this sucks but ahh i miss the boy


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